Fellow Rotarians,
I'm sure by now you have heard or read about a Simi Valley High School student 17 year old Skyler Lembo who over Thanksgiving while on a camping trip family, crashed from his off road motorcycle and is now on life support paralyzed from the neck down with a broken vertebra in his neck and has now contacted pneumonia. Unfortunately doctors are still not sure if Skyler suffered permanent brain damage.

Moving forward, Skyler, a friend to many including my 17-year-old daughter, will need financial help. As Rotarians we foster to help others, as Simi Valley residence we support others in need.

Thank you to those who had helped out at yesterdays meeting. If you havn't helped out as of yet I urge you to pitch in with financial support of $1, $5, $10 or $20. This Simi Valley family will need it.

I can and will be taking collecting funds that will be donated directly to the established account below or you can go directly to any U.S. Bank for your donations to the Lembo family in the name of Skyler Lembo, account number 157500273139.

Thank You, Sam Wolfe