We had a privilege of having Jon Looney from Action VC at our meeting. ACTION VC is a different kind of faith-based nonprofit in Ventura County. We began when four churches gathered on a Sunday morning in 2004 to live out service in their neighborhoods! We have now grown to include all members of the community- individuals, businesses, schools, and agencies- because we believe that it takes a connected community to ensure that no vulnerable person falls through the cracks in our system. By working together, we provide low-income seniors, under-resourced families, and persons with disabilities access to tangible service projects that improve their home safety and quality of life. Together, we are changing Ventura County one need and neighbor at a time. 

Everyone deserves the care and support they need to thrive!

Jon is a husband, father, collaborator, mobilizer, and follower of Jesus. After his undergrad studies at LIFE Pacific University he received his M.A. in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. Jon worked for 6 years at Foursquare Missions International training and sending missionaries around the world and working with global partners to advance the gospel. Prior to joining the team at ACTION VC he worked for 12 years as an associate pastor at Antioch Foursquare Church in Simi Valley.

Jon loves trying new hobbies which has included: backpacking, snowboarding, brewing beer, skydiving, handcrafting knives, cycling, running marathons, flying airplanes, etc. His favorite activity by far is having fun with his wife Denise and their three young kids; Isaiah, Arabella, and Dominick who they adopted out of the foster care system in Ventura County.

Learn more about Action VC here https://www.actionvc.org/