In association with HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) the MHC Academy (Medical Health Careers Academy) at Simi Valley High School is designed to expose students to the many aspects of the growing fields of medicine and health care. Guest speakers, hospital tours, out of the area conferences, beginning medical terminology, and hands-on lessons and projects will give students the knowledge and experience they will need in preparation for employment or post-secondary study.
Programs include planning, enquiries into specific interests, available options, and job search skills that relate directly to the medical and health care fields including medical terminology and medical math, investigate a wide variety of health care topics, and learn basic business writing, speaking, and interviewing skills. Job shadowing, emergency procedure preparedness, and hospital or clinic internships will facilitate the practical application of the knowledge. These classes are an integral component, preparing our students for both employment and post-secondary education in medicine and the healthcare industry.